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Frequently Asked Questions / Trouble Shooting

Do you have a question about your heating or cooling unit? Check out our answers below to many common questions receive from our customers. If you don't find an answer, c all us today 308.532.1500 and one of our experienced staff can answer your question or setup a service call to resolve the issue!

My thermostat is blank?
Have you checked to see if your thermostat has batteries

My outside unit/air conditioner is making a really strange noise and it looks like smoke is coming out of it.
Do you have a heat pump? It is probably going through itís defrost cycle. It can make a really loud noise, and the fan will not be running and sometimes what looks like smoke will come out of it (itís actually steam). All of this is a normal condition in fall and spring during a heating cycle. Watch our video of the defrost cycle!

My furnace comes on for a few seconds and then just goes right back off and then it comes on again and does the same thing
Although you may need a service call the first thing to check is the cleanliness of your filter. If you have a dirty filter it can cause your furnace to act this way. 

I have my thermostat set on 68 degrees but itís only 66 or 67 in here!
Many thermostats have a 2 degree differential before they kick on. If you have over a 2 degree difference in the wintertime it should be checked. 

I have my thermostat set at 68 but it is only 74 degrees in this house!
In the summertime if you have your air conditioner set at 68 degrees and it is 98 degrees outside, you may be asking your unit to do more than it is capable of. Many factors go into this (like how often your door is opened .how good is your insulation) but the average temperature drop for an air conditioner is 20-25 degrees. So if it is 95 degrees out expect to be able to cool it to 73-78.

Itís 70 degrees in my upstairs but only 60 degrees in the basement?
This is not unusual if your thermostat is upstairs and you have sun coming in windows which is warming up your upstairs. 

Can a power outage effect by furnace working or not? Sometimes a system DOES need to be re-set after a power outage. We may be able to help you with that over the phone. 

How often should I replace my filter?
This depends on certain conditions in your home and the size of your filter. Generally a 1Ē -2Ē filter should be changed every 2-3 months and a 4Ē thick filter every 6 months. 

Do all furnaces have a filter? YES!

What does a furnace filter have to do with an air conditioner?
Although your outside unit is the thing that cools the air for air conditioning .your furnace or inside unit is what distributes the air around your home. Your furnace is part of your air conditioning system. The filter is there to protect your furnace.
What is the life expectancy of my unit?
Average life expectancy of heat pumps and furnaces is currently 15 years. 

My fan runs all the time?
Did your thermostat get changed to ďFan ONí instead of ďautoĒÖ.if not something may be wrong but it is not an emergency it will not cause your electric bill to get super high, and it wonít hurt the furnace for the fan to run all the time. Some people actually like their fans running continuously. 

Which way does the filter go in?
Most filters have an arrow on the side of the filter. The arrow points toward the furnace. 

My thermostat says ďBATĒ what does this mean? Check the batteries.

My outside unit looks like itís corroding?
Do you have a dog or cat that is urinating on the unit

Thereís water coming out from underneath my outside unit?
In the winter if you have a heat pump it is probably going through itís defrost cycle. In the summer itís condensation run off. 

My furnace will not run at all. It seems like itís not getting any power.
Have you checked your breakers?


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